Swiss-made progress
advanced aligners, customised solutions, personal service


The first Swiss aligner manufacturer, nivellmedical AG, was founded in early 2015 by experienced specialists from the fields of orthodontics, orthodontic aligner treatment, practical dentistry and medical technology. The common goal was to develop an innovative product that would combine the best from the insights of almost 20 years of treatment practice with aligners – a goal that was achieved with the development of the nivellipso aligner system. This innovative splint for straightening teeth combines maximum transparency with an effective design and a 3-splint system that allows virtually all kinds of malocclusion to be treated with a high level of precision and maximum comfort for the patient.

Thanks to our wide range of services and personal support for your treatment plan, even the seemingly impossible can be made possible. In consultation with practitioners, our experienced nivellmedical team is capable of finding ideal treatment solutions even for extremely complex cases of malocclusion. nivellmedical AG is thus the first company on the market to offer customised hand-made solutions for aligner treatment: a distinctive feature that enables dentists and orthodontists to provide customised treatment with minimum effort and with maximum comfort and aesthetic results for their patients.

nivellmedical AG is headquartered in Switzerland, a country that is reputed for its well regulated health care system and stringent rules governing good manufacturing practices. Thanks to its long tradition of watchmaking and its growing significance as a centre for biotechnology, Switzerland enjoys an unparalleled and solid reputation for precision, innovation and quality. To establish new sales channels for nivellipso in Germany and other European countries and promote additional marketing activities, nivellmedical GmbH Deutschland was founded in September 2016.