A brand new aligner system
innovative, user-friendly, precise

On the basis of extensive case analyses, we have succeeded in developing an aligner system that offers maximum effectiveness without compromising on the aesthetic aspects. Thanks to continuous advancements, we were also able to improve the wear comfort for patients and the range of treatment options. Today, nivellipso can be used to treat most types of malocclusion – without any additional aids or attachments. A clear advantage over other comparable systems.

The three main features that distinguish nivellipso from other aligner systems are:

Use of materials with maximum transparency

Our aligners are made of biocompatible polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PET-G), a thermoplastic with exceptional properties in terms of durability, elasticity and dimensional stability. Owing to its excellent biocompatibility, PET-G is ideally suited for all indications pertaining to orthodontic aligner treatment. During the manufacturing process, our main focus is on achieving the highest level of transparency. This ensures that nivellipso is a product which is particularly discreet and aesthetic when worn by the patient.

Exceptionally effective design

In contrast to other aligner systems, nivellipso aligners cover a portion of the gingiva and also use the area presented by the interdental spaces. This concept helps achieve an exact fit, improved retention results and a more efficient transfer of pressure. This ensures that the aligners fit perfectly and function efficiently – without any need for additional aids or attachments.

Innovative 3-splint system

In each treatment phase, three splints with different material thickness (soft, regular, intense) are used. The combination of the special design that uses the entire available tooth surface and the 3-splint system ensures a constant transfer of pressure and improves wear comfort. The teeth are moved gently and carefully – yet very effectively – into the desired position.