Keep it simple
minimum effort, maximum service, quick results

Today, an increasing number of patients realise and stress on the importance of healthy, attractive and straight teeth. nivellipso allows you to expand your treatment offering to cater to these demands: Treatment processes with our virtually invisible, maximum-transparency aligner system can easily be integrated into the everyday workflows of your dental practice. To make this happen, our team of orthodontic experts support you and your staff with initial training programmes and are available for you around the clock – personally, via our service hotline and online.

Treatment with nivellipso involves the following steps:

Step 1:
Assessment in the practice

To begin, take impressions of the upper and lower jaw. Subsequently, create a plaster model and send it to us. If you do not have the necessary facilities to create plaster models, simply send us your impressions and we'll take care of the rest. If you are using an intraoral scanner, directly load the scans (open STL files) onto nivellonlign – our in-house platform for treatment planning. You can of course get in touch at any time with our nivellipso specialists to discuss any pending issues or clarify treatment plans. 

Step 2:
Treatment planning made easy

Our software truly simplifies the treatment planning process for you. nivellonlign is user-intuitive and the mandatory fields for a customised treatment plan have deliberately been reduced to the essentials. This saves time, money and effort. Our experts check the information and documents provided by you to ensure that they are complete. This guarantees 100% planning security.

Step 3:
Consultation and approval

Upon completion of the planning stage, you will receive a detailed treatment proposal that includes the relevant information on the duration, course and cost of treatment. This constitutes the perfect basis for discussing the case with your patients. Our transparent and competitive pricing model allows you to provide your patients with comprehensive information about all costs prior to the commencement of treatment.

Step 4:
Commencement of treatment

Upon obtaining your approval, we shall begin with the fabrication of custom-made aligner sets which you will receive in your practice after approximately two to three weeks. Getting your patients familiarised with the use of the nivellipso aligner sets is remarkably easy and is further simplified thanks to printed care instructions. For your initial treatment plans, we shall also be pleased to provide advice and support personally at your practice.

Step 5:
Scheduled course of treatment

Using the nivellipso aligner is very easy: every set consists of three aligners with different material thicknesses (soft, regular, intense) and each set is to be worn for a period of one week. To a large extent, your patient can thus perform the treatment independently at home. Nonetheless, we advise you to monitor the dental status at regular intervals to ensure optimum treatment progress and perfect oral hygiene.

Step 6:
Retain the results (retention)

We advise you to recommend retention measures to your patient to ensure that the teeth that are optimally aligned in the dental arch with the help of nivellipso are also maintained in this new position throughout the patient's lifetime. Our special retention splints that can be worn at night are especially suited for this purpose. Alternatively, fixed/bonded retainers can also be considered. We would be pleased to advise you about the various options and products available for retention.