User-friendly treatment planning
convenient, user-friendly, saves time

Treatment planning made easy: with nivellonlign, you have a proprietary 3D platform at your disposal. The Web-based platform runs on both Windows and Mac OS X. Intuitive and easy to use, this is an absolutely convincing software. To further simplify the treatment planning process for you, the mandatory fields for a customised treatment plan have been reduced to the essentials. Instead of dealing with an unending number of questionnaires, you can get to the point and down to actual treatment planning much quicker. This saves time, money and effort. Any questions can be clarified directly with our specialists on nivellonlign.

An overview of the main features and advantages of nivellonlign

  • Archiving of all patient data with treatment plans, intraoral and extraoral photos and X-rays
  • Clearly designed treatment plan platform; number of mandatory fields reduced to a minimum
  • Direct communication options with nivellipso specialists
  • Case and treatment planning can also be carried out in German
  • Drag-and-drop feature makes it very easy to upload data and images
  • Web-based solution that can be implemented on every computer system (Windows, Apple, Android)
  • Easy and intuitive operation

Register now and get started immediately:

You only need to register to get started. Once you have registered, you can immediately begin using the practical and convenient features of nivellonlign. The program will guide you step by step through the registration process.

Note that the prerequisites for using the software are use of the Google Chrome browser and participation in a practice-oriented training session (which we can also directly conduct in your practice).