Handmade precision
easy planning, customised solutions, accurate results

We assume that you are already familiar with treatment involving aligners. On this page, therefore, we shall only present those special features that make the processes involving nivellipso particularly convenient. Out here, we have also included an overview of the basic treatment procedure for those of you who will be using a clear aligner system for the first time.

These special features and services set nivellipso apart from other providers:

Step 1:
Start of treatment using scans, PVS impressions or plaster models

It is entirely up to you whether you wish to start treatment using intraoral scans, PVS impressions or plaster models. You can directly upload scans onto our proprietary nivellonlign platform – the software can easily process all open-format STL files. Based on the impressions, we first create plaster models which are subsequently scanned by us. Find out more about nivellonlign.

Step 2:
Treatment planning made easy

Our software truly simplifies the treatment planning process for you. The mandatory fields for a customised treatment plan have been reduced to the essentials. This saves a significant amount of time and money for each treatment plan. You also need not worry about partial or incomplete data – we "manually" check all information to ensure it is complete. This guarantees 100% planning security.

Step 3:
Handmade customised solutions

Complex cases often call for exceptional solutions. We therefore emphasise on the importance of discussing each case personally – from orthodontist to orthodontist. At a professional level, we can clarify the details and any pending issues promptly and without any formalities. Together with you, we will develop a plan that caters precisely to the requirements of customised, case-specific treatment with nivellipso aligners. 

Step 4:
Aligners and planning models

Upon commencement of treatment, you will receive – in addition to a set of customised, precision-fit aligners – a complete set of planning models. This way, the course of treatment can be monitored closely through each stage. In the event of loss or damage of an aligner, you can order a replacement either from us or from your dental lab. This helps you save a significant amount of time and also ensures patient satisfaction.

Step 5:
Precise course of treatment

At the time of preparation, the treatment plan takes into account not only the progression of the required tooth/root movement but also the gingival profile. Thanks to this, even complex movements can be planned from the onset, whereby fine adjustments and subsequent changes in the plan following commencement of treatment are no longer required. This is certainly a major plus point. 

Step 6:
Practical services and solutions

We are aware that treatment involving aligner systems also depends on its seamless integration into your workflows. Which is why you can rely on our wide range of services and solutions – from individual planning support to express deliveries to documentation and archiving of cases. Click here for an overview of our services.